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Strategize, optimize, and streamline your business with one of our Senior Executive Assistant Specialists

 “The average executive/business owner loses 6-weeks of productivity every year,
at minimum, due to lack of support.” 

– Harvard Business Review

This is your chance to have the                                 of a Senior Executive Assistant and have them dedicate an entire day to your business!

 Whether you’re overwhelmed by your current systems or you don’t have any at all, we are here to help you streamline and optimize your business for                     efficiency and scalability.


undivided attention

"My VIP Day yesterday was absolutely PERFECT! Yesterday truly helped me realize the value add of working with HBH & Co. to my business."

Kathryn Freda, Owner of Sage Solutions, LLC


If you’re finding yourself feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed by your business then you might have a systems and organization problem.
Allow our team of Executive Assistants to assess your workflows and accounts to better see where you can streamline and optimize. After this VIP Day experience, you won’t believe how efficient and
user-friendly your systems can be!

How does a VIP Day suit your business?

“Simply put, the best executive assistants are indispensable. Microsoft will never develop software that can calm a hysterical sales manager, avert a crisis by redrafting a poorly worded e-mail, smooth a customer’s ruffled feathers, and solve a looming HR issue—all within a single hour, and all without interrupting the manager to whom such problems might otherwise have proven a distraction.”
- Harvard Business Review

A VIP day is a unique experience where we will take a deep dive into your current business systems and strategies. From there your designated specialist will be all hands on deck (while you go about your day), spending the day implementing highline systems, techniques, and strategies directly into your accounts and workflows.

 You just worry about being the Captain of your ship and let us handle the rest. With this VIP Day experience, our goal is to make you feel confident in your marketing strategy, your systems, empowered within your business and put the wind back in your sails. 

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"I experienced an amazing Executive Support VIP Day! I had been feeling so stressed and overwhelmed by my inbox. Cassie organized my entire Outlook, creating folders to organize my communications, automation to delete old emails, filters to label incoming mail, and calendar time blocks with reminders that help me manage my inbox going forward. She also taught me things I didn't know about, like how different Microsoft applications integrate and can be optimally set up on my phone. I feel such a sense of relief now this has all been handled for me, and I now have a system in place that I can maintain, making my daily inbox management SO much easier." 

Elizabeth k., kugler tax services, LLC

I really appreciated the concept of the VIP Day, especially with the check-in at the end. It felt good to have someone solely focused on my account and the HBH & Co. team really made me feel like a VIP. By investing in this service
I feel that I made a major step up in my business. It set me up for success.


Working with HBH lifted such a heavy weight off my shoulders, enabling me to bring balance back into my business and my life again. No longer buried in the day-to-day of my business, I can now grow more sustainably, and I couldn't be happier to have such a trusted and uniquely experienced team supporting me along the way.

Kim T., OWNER of Village Acupuncture

I utilized Handled. By Hayden & Co. for help with email marketing. Her team is incredibly professional and responsive if I ever had questions. They listened to my vision for the look and feel of my email campaigns and did a phenomenal job bringing my vision to life! I highly recommend Hayden and her team for any small business support.

— Angela H., Owner/Founder, Friar Tuck Home

"My VIP Day with HBH & Co. was a truly unique experience. My mouth dropped open when I saw the opt-in piece that had been created for an upcoming event of mine. It was amazing to realize that something so professional and beautiful could be attached to ADHD and Beyond. This VIP Day really showed me all that is possible with elevating, growing, and marketing my business in a way that truly captures my voice and my brand authenticity. I also met with a dear friend and colleague, who offered to do a dry run of my presentation with me, and she LOVED the QR code, slides, and the opt-in! She actually gasped! With HBH & Co. I felt seen, uniquely supported, and nurtured, and the top-notch, high-caliber Crew definitely demonstrated the value of working with them. Working with HBH & Co. is second to none!"

-- Anne Marie N., Founder & CEO, ADHD and Beyond

How an HBH & Co. VIP Day works

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Small business owners are spending an average of 16 hours a week on administrative tasks – the equivalent of TWO full days every week! Imagine all the time you could get back every single week without that drain on your time, enabling you to work with your clients, do projects you enjoy, and work on building your business.

Your needs are unique, and we work on what matters to you on this day, so you get the results you want.

Your VIP Day Investment

Here’s what you get with your investment,
in addition to the deliverables listed above

We take our clients’ satisfaction
very seriously! We promise to deliver top-notch service, and final deliverables, that are top-tier quality only.

White Glove Service

We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t pause to ask you how you’re really doing, how your business is trending, and if there are other ways we might be able to surprise and delight on this day. We’re problem solvers, and love to look at the whole person – not just the inbox or the to do list.

What would you be able to focus on, enjoy, or otherwise grow if you didn’t have to worry about your systems or marketing each week? You’ll leave with specific knowledge of how to keep the momentum going.

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