“Living as an Empowered leader is not a final destination,  it is a daily practice.”
~ Hayden 

Our Approach

Many of the clients that onboard to work with Handled. By Hayden & Co. are paddling as best they can in their business - surviving, rather than thriving. 

We see you and have been there too.

fulfillment too!

We believe there


hope to break free from being anchored in the endless cycle of trying 

 to get ahead and grow


compromising your personal happiness and

hope to break

free from being anchored in the

endless cycle of trying to get ahead

and grow


your personal happiness


We want to see you untethered from the day-to-day tasks, unhindered by the complicated systems and technology, and able to unwind from the chronic stress of handling your business, so you can sail towards where you want to go with ease. 

We often remind our clients that they can do anything but not EVERYTHING! 

We know that as a visionary, your business is anything but standard and so we offer a customized plan that meets you where you are AND takes you where you want to go. 

From there, we match you with our expert Crew Members to get it done!

That is why we offer you a different way. 

meet our crew

Behind every extraordinary executive, is an equally exceptional assistant and strategic partner.

When you work with us, you will experience a Crew that has the ability to:

of what you do best

explore our services


and delegate the rest.


Anticipate your unique needs,
Recalibrate for change, 
Manage multiple demands & competing priorities,
And help you execute the best path forward. 

The business support that I have received from Hayden and her team has been invaluable! Hayden's experience in providing CEO consulting and training for small businesses manifests in every step of the process. Hayden also paired me with an Executive Assistant on her team. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. With the support of Hayden and her team, I am now able to focus more on my clients; I am feeling less anxious; and I am earning more. So it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend her services to other executives and entrepreneurs!

— Kristin P., Owner & CEO, The Right Transitions

A consummate professional, Hayden is reliable, collaborative, and quickly adapts to new projects. Her skills and competencies are broad. She and her team have been especially helpful in supporting our annual conference. Responsive, thoughtful, and kind, she's also a true pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Hayden; she would be an asset to any organization.

— Christine L., Head of Strategy, Social Impact, Splunk

"Hayden assigned me to my Executive Assistant and she has been a godsend. My whole business has significantly improved thanks to her expertise and initiative. I cannot say enough about the added value to my business working with HBH & Co.!" 

—Adela B., Owner/CEO, MInd Coach

Where does the time go?

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In just 4 minutes you will discover two things:

Take the 

How to optimize your time to achieve the desired balance in your business, and areas where you may need further support in order to maximize your satisfaction and holistic success as an entrepreneur!


Empowered CEO

From there, we match you with the expert Crew Members to get it done!

It's Time

You do not need to keep doing it all alone. It’s time to reconnect with the Empowered Leader  inside you and why you started this journey in the first place. It’s time to experience more JOY in the journey of owning and running your business.

You can be happier in your business with our trusted Crew of uniquely experienced consultants, executive assistants, project managers, digital marketing managers, and graphic designers, all working collaboratively to support you. 

We are the trusted Crew that can help you to reach your desired shore. It’s time to pull up your anchor, cast away, and take the helm of your business again!  

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As Grace Hopper once said, “A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”