“I’ve been at the top… 
And I realized it was nothing without joy, and the balance of my personal life too!”

Meet the Captain

~ Hayden Orme, Founder and CEO Strategist of Handled. By Hayden & Co.

For more than 13 years, Hayden worked to support top Fortune executives and teams at companies including Partners Healthcare, Brightcove, Inc., Novartis, and McKesson.

During her tenure managing and growing a Boston-based charter company, she was awarded “The Top 10 Meeting Planners” by Women’s Business Boston and also featured in Boston Business Journal’s “On the Move” for Business Services. 

“Hardships are bound to happen. They’re unpredictable; and that’s part of what makes them hard. But each of us can play some part in making them a bit better. That’s a primary focus I bring into my business.” ~ Hayden

Then Life Happens...

I utilized Handled. By Hayden & Co. for help with email marketing. Her team is incredibly professional and responsive if I ever had questions. They listened to my vision for the look and feel of my email campaigns and did a phenomenal job bringing my vision to life! I highly recommend Hayden and her team for any small business support.

— Angela H., Owner/Founder, Friar Tuck Home

“As I resurfaced, I quickly calculated that I was within seconds of getting mowed down by a fleet of boats and surely headed for Davy Jones’ Locker. When life threw me those proverbial lemons, I tried bobbing for them in the freezing Atlantic….A few seconds earlier, all had been going well…” 

(Excerpt from Hayden’s chapter in her 1st #1 International Bestseller book Strong and Free, Vol. 1). 

In early 2015, while driving home, another car ran through a stop sign at a high speed and smashed into Hayden’s driver side door. Her car was nearly totaled and she suffered severe injuries to her spine and neck. Hayden is forever grateful for the upper cervical care that helped her fully recover. 

Today, she sits on the Board of Directors for the non-profit, Craniocervical Foundation (CCF). She’s committed to helping others receive access to the benefits of this care and strives to ensure that veterans and families who cannot afford it are able to gain access to this life-changing treatment. 

As an entrepreneur, Hayden leverages her corporate experience and her intimate understanding of the importance of balancing the personal and professional with her intuitive, pragmatic and compassionate approach. She guides you through detailed directions to map out the growth you want to create for your brand and business.

She leads by example as a speaker, author, and Senior Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine. In fact, Hayden was awarded the Brainz CREA Global Award in 2021 as recognition for her creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business and contributions to sustainability and mental health projects. Hayden creates the time to additionally volunteer at a local animal rescue league and on the Board at CCF. 

Hayden strives to foster a company in which employees are empowered, play a role in supporting the mission, and are holistically successful. We believe in a culture where everyone is celebrated in what they do best! 

At HBH & Co.

From there, we match you with the expert Crew Members to get it done!

Meet the Captain

Beyond the business, you can find Hayden out on the seas. As a licensed 50-Ton Master Merchant Mariner, she has captained yacht charters and delivered private sailboats internationally. 

Hayden lives in the New Hampshire Seacoast region with her partner Chris, her two stepdaughters, and their beloved furry, and aquatic, family members. She enjoys working on their home restoration projects with Chris, and also fixing up an old boat that they hope to successfully splash in the summer of 2022 (he too has a love for the sea). 

Hayden enjoys being by, or on, the ocean as often as possible. She relishes all the Seacoast region has to offer with friends and family whenever possible, whether it’s enjoying new restaurants, exploring nature trails, or a summertime concert or movie in Prescott Park. 

Hayden + Chris 

Meet Hayden's Crew