When a crew and a captain understand each other to the core, it takes a gale, and more than a gale, to put their ship ashore.” ~ Rudyard Kipling

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Our team of high-caliber professionals is committed to helping you get to the next level, to calm the chaos behind the scenes, and to run your business in the most efficient, stress-free way possible. 

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There’s another level of understanding and commitment that you’ll feel working with our Crew of experienced consultants, executive assistants,
and digital marketers. It is an incredible experience. Consisting of
carefully-vetted individuals with corporate, non-profit, agency, and
C-Suite executive experience, you can trust our Crew to offer you top ‘knot,’
virtual support that will allow you to feel a sense of

to go further (and faster) in your business.

There’s another level of understanding and commitment that you’ll feel working with our Crew of experienced consultants, executive assistants, project and digital marketing managers, and graphic designers. It is an incredible experience. Consisting of carefully-vetted individuals with corporate, non-profit, agency, and C-Suite executive experience, you can trust our Crew to offer you top ‘knot,’ virtual support that will allow you 

to feel a sense of 

Meet our Ready Crew.  Eager to stand by your side!

Meet the Captain, Hayden Orme
Founder,  CEO and Consultant

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Cassie Honda
Senior Executive Assistant 

Cassie has been an Executive Assistant for more than a decade. Prior to joining the Handled. By Hayden & Co. Crew, Cassie served as the Executive Assistant to Lynsi Snyder, owner of In-N-Out® Burgers in California, for seven years. She has a strong background in providing virtual support - using a wide array of digital platforms - and excels at helping busy executives get and stay organized. 
In her spare time, Cassie enjoys hiking, camping and exploring the world with her family.

Becky Stoddard
Chief Financial Operations Officer (CFOO)
New Hampshire

With over ten years of experience working in all aspects of business and client relations, extreme organization, systems, spreadsheets and procedures are a key part to Becky’s life both at work and home. With four children, two dogs, and five acres, she believes you can never be too organized! When Becky is not building budgets and streamlining logistics, she enjoys watching sunsets on the deck with her family, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and vacationing at their beloved beach house in Nantucket. 

Anna Furrey
Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

Anna Furrey joins the Marketing Team with years of experience doing Digital Marketing work for a variety of 6 & 7-figure brands helping them become an authority in their field, attract & convert their ideal clients, and increase their income while working less.
Our our Crew, she's the brains behind the HBH & Co. social media and newsletters, and heads up several digital marketing strategies for our clients. When she's not busy at work, she's likely at the gym, getting out of the city to go wine tasting, or traveling with her fiancé for his motorcycle stunting trips.

Lauren Rath
Marketing Assistant
Washington, D.C.

After five years of working in various sectors from the federal government to legal non-profits, Lauren brings with her a variety of marketing skills and a personal commitment to building up small businesses. Her experience in content creation, social media management, and email marketing within busy DC offices had prepared Lauren to create holistic and personalised marketing strategies for our clients. Accustomed to working within high pressure workspaces, Lauren prioritises organisation, efficiency, and time management. Lauren believes that the highest form of respect is to listen to individuals with the intent to understand their core values. As part of the Handled By Hayden crew, she takes this mindset into every client interaction, prioritising the translation of clients’ core values to their target audience. When she isn’t in the office, Lauren is in the studio where she is training to become a Krav Maga instructor.

I am incredibly pleased with the service I have received from Hayden and her team at HBH. I'm working with two team members: one of her Digital Marketing Managers and Executive Assistants. Their support each week has been dependable, and extremely helpful. I spent a great amount of time researching the best fit for my marketing and assistant/support needs, and I'm grateful for choosing Handled. By Hayden!

— Sonya L., Owner, Living Unbroken

I utilized Handled. By Hayden & Co. for help with email marketing. Her team is incredibly professional and responsive if I ever had questions. They listened to my vision for the look and feel of my email campaigns and did a phenomenal job bringing my vision to life! I highly recommend Hayden and her team for any small business support.

— Angela H., Owner/Founder, Friar Tuck Home

With the support of Hayden and her team, I am now able to focus more on my clients; I am feeling less anxious, and I am earning more. So it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend her services to other executives and entrepreneurs!

— Kristin H., Owner/Founder, The right transition

A consummate professional, Hayden is reliable, collaborative, and quickly adapts to new projects. Her skills and competency are broad.. She and her team have been especially helpful in supporting our annual conference. Responsive, thoughtful, and kind -- she's also a true pleasure to work with! 
I highly recommend Hayden; she would be an amazing asset to any organization.

— Christine L., Head of strategy, social impact Splunk!

As a local medical practitioner and business owner, I was worn very thin when I met Hayden through a local networking group. I felt like Hayden truly saw me; she has a unique "get it" quality. I quickly connected with Hayden's genuine and nurturing, yet pragmatic and effective approach. She provided my business with a full consulting overview, recruited for and placed our new practice manager, and I am now working with the HBH & Co. team on long-term marketing, development strategy and support. Working with HBH lifted such a weight off my shoulders, enabling me to bring balance back into my business and my life again. I am no longer buried in the day to day of my business, I can now grow and succeed more sustainably, and I couldn't be happier to have such a trusted and uniquely experienced team supporting me along the way.

— Kim T., Owner, Village Classical Acupuncture

"My Digital Marketing VIP Day with HBH & Co. was a truly unique experience. My mouth dropped open when I saw the opt-in piece that had been created by my Digital Marketing Specialist for an upcoming event of mine. It was amazing to realize that something so professional and beautiful could be attached to ADHD and Beyond. This VIP Day really showed me all that is possible with elevating, growing, and marketing my business in a way that truly captures my voice and my brand authenticity. I also met with a dear friend and colleague, who offered to do a dry run of my presentation with me, and she LOVED the QR code, slides, and the opt-in! She actually gasped! With HBH & Co. I felt seen, uniquely supported, and nurtured, and the top-notch, high-caliber Crew definitely demonstrated the value of working with them. Working with HBH & Co. is second to none!" 

-- Anne Marie N., Founder & CEO, ADHD and Beyond

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