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Happiness isn’t guaranteed.

Even when you reach the top.

as a CEO really 

 if you are not a happy one?



At Handled. By Hayden & Co., we believe that you are not meant to navigate this journey alone. As a CEO, you need a trusted guide and confidante on your ship to help you navigate the waters and ever-changing tides in and around your business. Together, we help you to find holistic happiness (and peace of mind) for you and your business.

You have a clear mission and aspirational goals. 

You are purpose-driven and you are ready to 

go big!

You desire to make an impact in the world. 

You are operating in chronic overwhelm as you struggle to wear all the hats in your business.

You have more tools and channels than you know what to do with and you want to streamline your systems, but don’t know where to begin.

You yearn for balance and wish you had more time for family, fun, and LIVING the life you desire. 

You want to scale but cannot seem to break past the tsunami of “too much to do and not enough time”

You feel like if you add one more thing to your ship, you may sink!

The chaos behind the scenes is costing you time, money, and happiness, and you know you need help now with virtual business support.


Are you ready to

And get back to being the CEO of your business and the happy,  

free entrepreneur


 fulfilled, and 

you set out to BE!

the anchors holding you and your business down?

Hayden and her Crew are truly amazing. I have used all of their services - consulting with Hayden, VIP Days, and ongoing retainer support with an incredible Executive Assistant. Since working with HBH & Co. in early 2022, my business has soared, and I am now years ahead of the goals I had set for my business and myself. I now have holistic success; I get to travel and do more of what I love! I wouldn't have been able to do any of this alone, and I need HBH & Co. to support me in continuing to make my goals happen!

Kathryn F., Founder, Sage Solutions, LLC

I am a long-term client with HBH & Co. Initially I enjoyed 2 incredible VIP Days, and now I rely upon Hayden's Crew entirely. I feel uniquely seen and supported by Hayden's team. Their caliber shines through in not only the services I receive but in how they interact with me in all communications. I feel like I've made a major step up in my business working with them, and it's set me up for success!

-Arnaud D. CEO, Caravella Consulting

Thanks for being such great partners, and not just coming through in a pinch when we needed the temporary support for our CEO, but also for finding us such a truly stellar Executive Assistant to support our C-Suite leaders. We really appreciate your team. We have been so impressed with your services and will definitely reach out when the need arises in the future!

-Kate A., CPO, Arcellx

A consummate professional, Hayden is reliable, collaborative, and quickly adapts to new projects. Her skills and competencies are broad. She and her team have been especially helpful in supporting our annual conference. Responsive, thoughtful, and kind, she's also a true pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Hayden; she would be an asset to any organization. 

Christine L., Head of Strategy, Social Impact, Splunk

After months of searching, I had not found the caliber of executive assistant candidate I needed. When I was introduced to Hayden, we had our initial call, and she quickly ascertained my needs. She set up a meeting with one of her top-notch executive assistants, and she was just what I’d been looking for. She started with us right away, and seamlessly stepped in and integrated with my team. This experience also demonstrated for me how effective and successful this level of expertise can be providing support remotely (as we are otherwise an in person company). It was invaluable for us to have the right person for the role, and such a pleasure working with HBH & Co.

- Mariya T., CPO, Analog Devices 

As a local medical practitioner and business owner, I was worn very thin when I met Hayden through a local networking group. I felt like Hayden truly saw me; she has a unique "get it" quality. I quickly connected with Hayden's genuine and nurturing, yet pragmatic and effective approach. She provided my business with a full consulting overview, recruited for and placed our new practice manager, and I am now working with the HBH & Co. team on long-term development strategy and support. Working with HBH lifted such a weight off my shoulders, enabling me to bring balance back into my business and my life again. I am no longer buried in the day to day of my business, I can now grow and succeed more sustainably, and I couldn't be happier to have such a trusted and uniquely experienced team supporting me along the way.

— Kim T., Owner, Village Classical Acupuncture

My VIP Day with HBH & Co. was a truly unique experience. My mouth dropped open when I saw the opt-in piece that had been created for an upcoming event of mine. It was amazing to realize that something so professional and beautiful could be attached to ADHD and Beyond. This VIP Day really showed me all that is possible with elevating, growing, and marketing my business in a way that truly captures my voice and my brand authenticity. I also met with a dear friend and colleague, who offered to do a dry run of my presentation with me, and she LOVED the QR code, slides, and the opt-in! She actually gasped! With HBH & Co. I felt seen, uniquely supported, and nurtured, and the top-notch, high-caliber Crew definitely demonstrated the value of working with them.
Working with HBH & Co. is second to none! 

- Anne Marie N., Founder & CEO, ADHD and Beyond

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