If you're looking for more hours in your day, experiencing  overwhelm & stress in your work... this LIFE RING membership is for you!

Do you wish you could have your own personal life ring to keep you afloat each month in your business?

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Inbox overwhelm, time management and overall backend disorganization are common pain points we hear. So, wouldn't it be incredible to have a top-notch Executive Assistant to help you each month?

"If you're considering becoming a member, DO IT. YOU NEED IT. IT'S LITERALLY A LIFESAVER. I am so happy I had the courage to accept your help." 

 - Nicole C., M.S., R.D., L.D.N., Founder, Major League Nutrition

Email overwhelm / managing your email
  • Implement email organization system (match to drive and calendar blocks)
  • Create email filters
  • Create email templates
  • Email clean out and filing
  • Data migration and merging multiple email accounts
  • Create email aliases and groups

Effective time management

  • Build integrations and automations
  • Organize calendar: color coding; mapping/spacing out appointments (creating recurring meetings, BLOCKS/HOLDS etc.)
  • Scheduling

Standardization of company procedures and policies

  • Analyze and advise on systems and processes
  • Help clean up / streamline / add feedback and tweaks to current processes (example: onboarding for new clients or employees)
  • Organize and maintain files and databases
  • Process mapping and define SOPs (this requires member participation)

Project manage small tasks

  • Manage member's task list (we will review your task list, complete anything that we can, and, for anything that we can't handle for you, we will amalgamate resources necessary to complete the task and schedule time on your calendar to do so) 
  • Project manage small events

Project specific work

  • Create handouts, PowerPoints, flyers, etc.
  • Clean up task lists
  • Content Review
  • Technical Writing
  • Research
  • Invoicing
  • Send client reminders
  • Assist in campaigns / large client outreach efforts (we do not offer sales or marketing expertise. We are happy to help with tasks, such as creating a newsletter, but cannot provide expert guidance in these areas). 
  • Review and provide guidance for implementation of new tools or platforms (like a new CRM or marketing tool) * must have clearly defined objectives

What we don’t do:
  • Manage calendar and email (requires upgrade to a retainer client)
  • Sales/marketing calls
  • Social media management or engagement

How will this membership help me? Examples of some areas of overwhelm to tackle:

If you are not yet looking for, or ready for dedicated weekly retainer support, but are in need of a LIFE RING, to have an expert step in and handle things once a month for you, we are now offering an exclusive membership program designed with you in mind!

  • One done-for-you 4-hour LIFE RING day per month
Before your scheduled LIFE RING day:
  • You will compile a list of tasks and projects that you would like completed or managed.
  • You and your Executive Assistant (EA) will have one scheduled monthly 30-minute planning/Q&A call. On this call you will review time estimates, priorities, and agree on the scope of work for the month. After your Life Ring day, you will receive up to 1-hour of follow up support for any questions, review, changes or edits requested. 
  • If it's needed, there is the option to purchase up to 2 additional hours each month.

How does the Life Ring Membership Program Work?

What is the commitment and pricing for a membership?

  • There is no long-term commitment! If you would like to leave the membership program at any time, simply send us an email with your written notice, and you will not be charged for future months (after completing the calendar month in which you are currently enrolled). 
  • Membership is $599 per month. 
  • There is a one-time initial setup fee of $299.* 
  • Payments will be auto-charged on the 1st of each month via ACH Authorization. We can also accept credit card auto-payments with a 3% processing fee added. 

Hayden Orme, Founder & CEO Strategist of Handled. By Hayden & Co., is an international speaker, 2x
bestselling author, award-winning leader, and 50 Ton Master Merchant Mariner Captain. She and her top-notch Crew of Executive Assistants, all with years of extensive experience, provide business elevation and optimization services to company owners & C-suite leaders in a variety of industries. Hayden, herself, brings more than 13 years of experience supporting top executives in major companies, including Brightcove, Novartis, and McKesson. Today, Hayden helps her clients get back more time and freedom so they can effectively advance their business, instead of drowning in their inboxes, calendar, and tortuous daily tasks. Hayden believes burnout isn't a status symbol and leaders don’t need to suffer to be successful. Rather with the right support, it is possible to change the culture, create sustainable growth and holistic success as Empowered Leaders in both life and business.

Meet our Founder & CEO Strategist, Hayden Orme

“I’ve been at the top... and I realized it was nothing without joy, and the balance of my personal life too!”


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"I would tell someone considering this membership that you get the superpower of an amazing Executive Assistant to help set up your business operating systems."

-Vir K., Venture Capitalist

"This is an especially ideal offering for business owners who have a running list of tasks they never seem to get to. It's amazing how much can get done in four hours by someone who has this level of expertise in areas you have been putting off because it would take you so long to do."

-Anne Marie N., Founder, ADHD & Beyond